2020 Alternative Sports Day

Introduction to our Alternative Sports Day

100m Shuttle Run (Timed)

Set up markers 5m apart Time how long it takes to run between them 20 times, making sure both feet cross the line each time.

Speed Bounce

How many times can you bounce (two footed side jump) over an obstacle in twenty seconds?

Standing Long Jump

How far can you jump two footed, from a standing start? Measure from your toes when you jump, to your heels when you land. If you stumble it doesn't count, so land carefully!


You will need something to throw safely and two targets (e.g. some rolled up socks and two saucepans) Place one target 3m away and the other one 3m beyond that. Take 3 throws at each target. Score 4 for every time you're on target. Score 2 if you hit something else before or after hitting the target (e.g. the ball bounces off) If you get really, really good and keep scoring the maximum, can you make it trickier (e.g. throwing with the other hand, changing targets...)

Vertical Jump

You'll need a measuring tape.

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Going For Gold - Fun Club Activity Challenges

Hungry Hippos

Aim: try and get as many objects as you can while on your stomach on a skateboard. Equipment: Cones, balls and skateboards


The Beanbag Back Balance

Hardcore Hopscotch

This activity takes hopscotch to the next level! Work your way through the boxes, completing a different physical challenge in each one. Can you make it to the end? You will need: A hopscotch grid (playground markings, hoops or chalked) Activities clearly labelled in each space - you could use activity cards, drawings or equipment as prompts Play alone, as a personal challenge, or against a friend!

Super Tightrope Balancing Game

Just Dance!

This dance is called backyard disco. All you need to do this is a space and something to play this video! Then when you have set up your device to watch this video you can dance till you drop! Have fun!

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How To Deliver An Excellent Young Leader's Activity

1. Introducing The Game

This is the first of five videos demonstrating how to deliver a PE Activity. The Young Leader delivering the activity has broken it down into five stages: Introducing the game Modified version (S.T.E.P.) Warm up Activity Cool down

2 - The Modified Version (S.T.E.P.)

Young Leaders use the S.T.E.P. principle when they run activities. This is makes the challenge easier or harder for the children taking part S.T.E.P. means to change: S - the Space (make it bigger, smaller, longer, wider...) T - the Task (jump instead of run, throw with a different hand...) E - the Equipment (bigger balls, smaller hoops...) P - the people (more in a team, different ages...)

3 - The Warm Up

Raise the pulse, increase oxygen flow and warm up the body and mind!

4 - The Activity

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Silly Here, the Young Leader runs the activity, keeping her instructions simple and clear. Let the children enjoy the task at their level and challenge or simplify as needed.

5 - The Cool Down

After an excellent, challenging session, the Young Leader calms the bodies and minds of the players with a gentle cool down. This is a good time to reflect on success, congratulate other players and to thank the opposition.

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